My strapline goes here is the first in a series of 50 ecommerce stores being developed. It is the pilot store in a series of Swanky brand dropshipping sites. All will link back to a main Swanky directory site, Sites will feed common interest traffic to one another. Most are trademarkable. Swanky is a tremendous brand building opportunity. Easy, fun, rich, stylish, luxurious and impressive! Will keep increasing in value as time and effort continues. Buy this 50 domain name package along with one developed site for $10,000 USD...and develop the other 49 stores yourself. Or, purchase this package for $5,000 and have Sir Premium develop additional stores, one store at a time, for $2500 each. We're capable of 1 new Swanky Lifestyle store every two weeks. Here is 10 of 49 more in the development queue:


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